monster beats solo hd headphones

Monster’s has a creative achievement that it set up Monster Music Company, providing a new “Super Disc” like monster beats solo hd headphones advanced format technology for the music industry. George Benson, Anjulie and other music people have used the “Super Disc” to enhance the sound quality. Monster Company’s HDS (High Definition Surround) is a set of advanced technology of sound recording, mixing, and audio reproduction that can reproduce musicians’ original voice and dynamic range of the sound with the high-definition 5.1 surround effect.

With Monster High Definition Surround technology, the audience is free to choose a high-resolution stereo or surround mixing, can enjoy a higher quality and more passionate music listening experience, and has a real taste of real harmonies and rich tones about music. HDS processes range from recording, mixing, editing, and finally to all aspects of production and all steps are all strictly in accordance with the protocols and procedures of HDS, to meet the company’s standard of making perfection more perfect. HDS is the reappearance for more realistic, more real music. Thus, whether you are a general audience or a music enthusiast, the HDS of Super Disc will give you an unparalleled music experience with monster beats solo headphones.

Monster has several classic headphones such as Diamond Tears, Inspiration, DNA, iSport and so on. The product, Diamond Tears, has an elegant crystal-hanging-ear design, precise sound. It is foldable and easily stored in the stylish suitcase. It has also soft earphone jacket and a unique and breaking fashion style, Inspiration headphones has active broadband noise removal technology.  Its various interchangeable headbands give you unlimited choice and the headset style brings a better sound effect. Besides, it has three colors to choose, titanium white, white and silvery white. DNA headphones bring music and audio into your life with more compact design and innovative technology. You can listen to every detail and feel each note. It has extraordinary delicate sound, is comfortable to wear all day, has a foldable design for easy storage into the supplied carrying case and has the colors of white and black for monster beats solo hd headphones.